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Good, yet cheap, online wedding planning certification. Do you know of anything that fits that criteria?

I am considering going into wedding planning, but every course I’ve looked into has been around $700. Is that the norm? Right now I do not have ther spare cash with medical expenses, my own wedding less than a year …

Where can I find somewhere to put all my wedding ideas online?

I want somewhere online where I can upload photos of wedding items I like, along with descriptions (notes on where to get them etc.), so I can show others…something easy/quick to use.

Anyone any ideas?

Asked by:Jay-Jay

Help me with some light yellow wedding ideas?

I just recently got engaged, and I am thinking of some wedding color schemes I would like, right now I am thinking about light yellow. I got my idea from the movie 27 dresses, her wedding at the end was …

What are some good rustic-style wedding venues in Ohio?

My wedding is going to have a rustic theme. Kinda looking for a place with a barn for an outdoor wedding. My fiance and I are going to be wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats and we’ll probably ride off …

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