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Online bulk store selling Wedding favor supplies?

I was wondering if anyone new of a site or sites selling Wedding favor supplies in bulk. I know there’s, but that site is pretty limited in what they sell. I’m looking for colored Italian boxes. Thanks!

Asked by:Pinky…

In NY state is wedding planning a personal or professional service?

For any NY state business buffs, would a wedding & event planning, consultation and coordination business (set up as an LLC) be considered a “personal service” or “professional service” for NY state legalities?


Asked by:prrfect

How to Get Started in Wedding Planning?

I have been doing free work for about two years in wedding planning. I am ready to start my business. My concern is the details like, price for services, how to put by packages together if I need packages. How …

What is the proper wedding etiquette when getting married at the courthouse?

We’ve decided that were not into a big fancy wedding and are going to get married at the courthouse.. will we be able to take pictures in there? and were going to have a “celebration” not a reception with our …

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