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Anyone know were I can get same-sex wedding favors and planning supplies?

I am moving to Canada to live with my Canadian betrothed and as there are no same-sex weddings where I am currently living I am having trouble finding wedding supplies for our wedding. I am looking for everything from shower …

any websites u would recommend for wedding supplies?

napkins, etc. things like that. anyone have any other suggestions please like me know. our wedding is in april 25th of 2009. any wedding stuff.

Asked by:blondie

Once the wedding is over, what is the best way to get rid of the wedding supplies?

My brother got married about a year ago, but the leftover wedding supplies are still taking up stuff in our house. Does anybody know the best way to get rid of these besides just throwing them away?


Asked by:Bill…

wedding etiquette walking the bride down the isle?

what is the wedding etiquette regarding father and step-father walking bride down the isle? Stepfather has been more of a father than the father but bride doesn’t want to hurt anyones feelings.

Asked by:Kathy W

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