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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

How well do you think an upscale wedding consignment store would do?

Would you buy your wedding supplies there? There would be everything from place card holders, to isle runners, to candles, to gowns, and on and on. Thanks!!

Asked by:IamNice

Do you know of any pretty wedding venues in or near Ohio?

Any wedding venues in Ohio or near it. I would like a white, light, airy venue for a garden theme in the spring, can be outdoors too. I don’t like hotel wedding receptions though!

Asked by:Leigh

How do I find new clients for my Wedding Planning Business?

I have a non-standard wedding planning business and I need to find clients. Does anyone have some unique ideas on how to find new clients?
-Guerrilla Marketing ideas
-Cheap promotions
-Ways to get the word out

Asked by:Robsthings

What is the price range for Abigail Kirsch wedding catering & venues in NYC?

Has anyone used Abigail Kirsch catering & venues to plan their NYC wedding? What is the average price range? Do they charge a flat fee for a package or is it priced per person? What services are included in the …

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