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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

What do i ask potential wedding venues?

Can someone give me a little list so i can know what to ask wedding venues?

I dont want to be dooped into paying for things I dont need.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Asked by:thanksbeezy!

What are some low budget wedding Ideas?

I just got engaged yesterday, and we don’t have alot of money, ho does these days, so we’re looking for low cost wedding ideas.
Anything would be helpful, thanks!

Asked by:Sarah E

tell me you opinion on guest and wedding etiquette?

In my opinion the only people who know about wedding etiquette is brides and their mothers. So generally speaking people do not know if the wedding invites say to “Mr. John & Jane Smith” that does not mean not the …

Wedding ideas for a couple who first met on World of Warcraft?

I first met my fiance on World of Warcraft 3 years ago, since then we met in person, and it all started from there, we have been dating for almost a year, living together for 9 months now, we are …

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