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What is proper wedding etiquette for the following?

My friend is getting married in August, we just finished her invites yesterday when after sealing them she realized she forgot to put the stamp on the response envelopes. How should she handle this without having to open up sealed …

I need to find cheap wedding supplies for my reception?

my theme is butterflie and frangipanis colours pink blue and purple. i live in australia and cant seem to find a great site to shop on. ineed table decorations and cheap chair covers prefer to buy not hire. have tried …

Can anyone recommend any wedding venues in Staffordshire?

My partner and I are planning our wedding and need to find somewhere that will cater for around 100+ guests, but nothing too pricey. Any thoughts?

Asked by:Ani

Wedding Etiquette- Should I bring a bouquet of flowers to a wedding?

I’m not from the United States… Is it appropriate, or actually accustom, to bring a bouquet of flowers to a wedding for the newly weds? And if so, what kind of flowers are the most appropriate?

Asked by:Kate

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